We are a consulting agency for strategy development, crisis management and communication, personality-PR/marketing and integrated communication. Our core competences are: Conception and consulting in business and product communication, in marketing and in market development/leading. Our headquarter is located in Essen, in the centre of the Ruhr area. We concentrate our international and institutional tasks in our office in Berlin.

Integrated Communication

Our mission: Creating new images, writing fascinating stories, form opinions. Creative! Effective! Lasting!

CP/CONSULT develops and utilizes the entire range of communication tools: Starting with PR/media activities, crisis communication and lobbying, classical advertising and online communication/social media up to live communication. Creative, editorial and technical excellence forms the basis. We guarantee that by the know-how we gained within our 25 years of being active in the market.
Focus on: Efficiency and impact! The realization of communication and marketing concepts is done by CP/CONSULT – or if the task demands it – we refer to a network of operative partners that has established throughout years of cooperation. The same applies to further fields like publishing, production, events, exhibition services etc.

Personality PR and Marketing

Our Mission: Develop ideas and concepts for authentic and unique personal brands. Jointly. Honestly. Plausibly.

We successfully position you – as an individual or a group – in the markets of public perception. For this, we created a unique system of positioning along the message “I am. I want. I can. I will.” In this system we connect and activate instruments of classical public relations with established and innovative marketing tools. Online and offline! To us, every mandate is unique. In teamwork with you, we develop the strategy for your very own personality traits, content focus, storytelling and the mix of measures. Authenticity is our highest priority. We do not only have the highest responsibility towards our clients in politics, sports, economy and culture. We do also have this responsibility towards the public.
Personality PR is a relatively young discipline in the fields of communication. Tilmann Meuser itself actively develops and also teaches this discipline at the institute of journalism/public relations of the Westphalian University of Applied Sciences.
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Our Mission: Making ideas ready for the market. Navigating the market introduction and acquisition as a coach. Selectively. Pinpoint. Reliable.

Strategic planning and operative support for initial business processes in a national and international environment is part of CP/CONSULT’s service range as well as product development and creating strategies for market exploitation. For the majority of these activities – depending on the scope of the task – we have an interdisciplinary team of proven partners available in the fields of law/taxation, copyrights/patents, company planning and control, interim management, sales promotion, business development, technical consulting, market research and training, all the way through to venture capital and fundraising. Consulting services are closely connected to classical tasks of communication and marketing. The field of sports is integrated as a separate unit.

Crisis Management and Communication

Our Mission: Using preventive crisis management to recognize and avoid potential crisis in your business. Overcoming acute crisis with a clear strategy and secure operation. Professional. Without losing your reputation. Internal and external.

Is there a day without a crisis? Definitely no! Your business is always positioned before, in or after a crisis. Therefore, the individual preparation for potential crisis is the best way to train competences of action and teamwork for those responsible. With target-oriented training! Focuses: Self-reflection/”I”-competence, deciding in stressful situations, self-protection… Proactive risk management ensures certainty for processes – the basis for effective planning and professional acting before and during a crisis. The focus here: Monitoring and analysis. The form the foundation for optimized security and definite management processes. The competence in decision-making is the key for successful crisis management in the ongoing crisis. A functioning infrastructure with an effective crisis team and proven action guidelines is important here. We are YOUR partner – our team of crisis experienced specialists for coaching, IT-security, crisis object planning and controlling, for troubleshooting and for crisis communication. As a matter of course we support you in the change management as part of the after crisis management. Our project partners: i.a. Kepner-Tregoe, IGSK – Institute for violence prevention, self-assertion and conflict training.
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Our Mission: We define feasible targets for our clients on the basis of realistic situational analyses. Effectively realizing them with competence and passion. From knowledge to ability.

We develop and realize exclusive business workshops for different branches. Entrepreneurial core topics like effectiveness and efficiency get connected with exclusive transfer platforms and unique worlds of experience. Well-known Bundesliga coaches, orchestra conductors, former Formel-1 drivers and life-kinetic-specialists support the “head-coach”. Lasting motivational effects and pure practice-orientation support strong sustainability. On top of that we offer – according to the motto “from practice, for practice” – module-based coaching/training/workshops for individuals or groups in personality PR/marketing and crisis management/communication. These offerings are developed in consultation with our clients and fit their individual requirements.